Good news: We doubled your money for the Marriage Equality movie

A lot of good stuff is happening for the Marriage Equality movie you helped fund.

I showed some video clips from our Marriage Equality movie to judges at the Minnesota Film and TV Board. They liked what they saw so much that they’re essentially doubling the money that you donated to make this movie. It’s part of the Minnesota Filmmakers Legacy Reimbursement fund — which comes from Minnesota’s Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. Once the film is finished, they will reimburse me up to $24,000 for production costs. I believe in this movie so much that I’m willing to spend those dollars out of my own pocket and eventually get reimbursed by the state.

The judges who provided the award to us said, “there is a need for this story to be told”. I know you agree.

Those extra dollars mean we’ve been able to shoot a little more than we originally planned, which has taken more time than we originally planned. But our primary filming is completed, thanks to the great team at Blue Moon Productions, and now we’re doing the editing.

Earlier this month, I took some of the video clips you’ve seen posted here to Netroots Nation in Detroit; I was asked to speak about the project as part of the film series Reel Action To Real Action: A Showcase of Activism and Film. People liked what they saw — and just like you, want to see the finished film when it comes out.

I’m making progress toward finishing the film and will share more of what’s happening as we go through the edit and post-production process. They’ll be posted here and at

Friday marks the one-year anniversary of marriage equality becoming legal in Minnesota! How has life changed for you or someone you know in that time? I’d like to hear about it. Please share it in the comments section below.

Michael McIntee
Executive Producer