Thank You And What’s Next

Thanks to your help, we’ve raised the amount we need to make our Marriage Equality movie.

But we are not done!

We also want your help in shaping this movie. Do you know someone we should interview? We’re looking for people with stories about how they got their friends and neighbors to support marriage equality, as well as how this issue impacted them personally. Do you have video or photos that show what happened in Minnesota? Please contact us if you can help us in this area.

If you know others who did not get a chance to participate we are still accepting donations either by check to the UpTake Institute, 1043 Grand Avenue, Suite 354, Saint Paul, MN 55105 or through GiveMN. Just designate in the check memo that you want it to go to the “marriage equality movie.”

And…we are planning to raise more money to promote and expand distribution of the movie once it is finished. So keep us in mind and let your friends know. This is a “Community Filmmaking” project. We’re going to provide updates on the movie here as we layout our production. Thank you for your support!

Michael McIntee
Executive Producer
The UpTake