Rough Cut Almost Done – Looking For Lawn Sign Photos

Rough Cut Almost Done – Looking For Lawn Sign Photos

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update on the marriage equality movie that you and others helped fund. We’re just weeks away from reaching an important milestone — a rough cut of the entire film. It’s obviously taken longer than anticipated to get here, and I thank you for your patience. Once the rough cut is done, there will still be more work to do with adding music, animation and graphics. But we’re getting really close.

This is a community film project. Meaning you, as part of the community, are not only helping us fund it — but also help us make it. I have a couple of things you may be able to help us with in finishing this important film.

I have a section of the film that talks about lawn signs. People in the movie talk about how there were lots and lots of orange “vote no” lawn signs compared to the number of “vote yes” signs. I need photos (or video) of those lawn signs to help drive home the point that opposition to the “marriage amendment” was strong. If you have a photo or a video you made that shows one or more vote no (or vote yes) lawn signs and you’re willing to let me use it for the movie, please email me at

Also, I’m looking for additional video and photos of people celebrating on the days after the House and then the Senate passed the marriage equality law. Again, if you have photos or video you shot, please contact me.

I am so looking forward to you seeing the finished movie!


Michael McIntee